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Melatherm-10 is modern, high-performance disinfection system that meets the requirements of the new European standard EN 15883, is reliable disinfection system thanks to short working cycles and complete process automation.

The loading and dispensing of processing tools is fully automatic. The drying function is carried out by devices built into the device.

Manufacturer – Melag (Germany). The cost of the equipment is 8650 EUR.



  • 4 prorgams
  • Thermal disinfection at 90-95°C
  • Fully automatic



The Vacuklav series autoclave is a Class B autoclave compliant with the European EN standard.

Works on the principle of frictional pre-vacuum. Initially, an extremely high vacuum evacuates the air from the chamber, after which the air vapor is pumped several times, which is then also pumped out. As a result, there is absolutely no air left at the start of sterilization, in the chamber or in a packaged porous tool or textile product.

For effective drying, Vacuklav also creates a vacuum at the end of the procedure.

Sensors and microprocessors control the pressure and temperature parameters required for reliable sterilization.

Manufacturer – Melag (Germany). The cost of the equipment is 5300 EUR.



  • 7 programs
  • Sterylization of the instriments at 121-134°C / 2 bar
  • Fully automatic


Microscop “Global”

During the treatment, we use microscope “Global” (USA), which allows the dentist to achieve maximum precision of the process, avoid mistakes and complications and increase the result of successful endodontic treatment.

It is often used by orthopedists to maximize the accuracy of crowns and veneers installation, to prevent inflammation and as a result – achieve maximum aesthetic effect and durability.

Manufacturer – Global (USA). The cost of the equipment is 29000 EUR.


X-Ray system ORIX HF Advantage

High-frequency X-ray machine. Uses direct current and, and as a result radiates low radiation dose.

Modern HF technology and the short exposure mode reduce the radiation load even more.

Manufacturer – ORIX (Italy, France). The cost of the equipment is 2700 EUR.


Computer-tomograph from Yoshida.

Provides clear panoramic shots of children an adults, panorama segments, SNS images.

The cephalostatic function lets you take pictures in LA and PA projections.

Manufacturer – Yoshida (Japan). The cost of the arrangement is 29300 EUR.


Interral films scanner VIsta Scan by Durr Dental

Performs digitization of disposable X-ray films. The advantages of these devices are the high quality of the captured image, unlimited shelf life and significant reduction of the radiation load.

Manufacturer – Durr Dental (Germany). The cost of the equipment is 5450EUR.

Physiotherapy dispenser
Chiropro L

Dental bore for surgery.

With its unique, visual and multifunctional interface, the Chiropro-L system is incredibly easy to use, and to achieve better results.

High-performance Bien Air micromotors are comfortable to operate at both high and low speeds. In addition, grease-free ceramic ball bearings guarantee high reliability and extremely long tool life. And the angular tips with a unique internal sprayer give full control over the manipulation.

Manufacturer – Bien Air (Switzerland). The cost of the equipment is 3600EUR.


MEG-CLEANER tool cleaning system

Meg-Cleaner is a three-stage cleaner for implant components, dental-bores, diamond drills and endodontic tools that combines ease of use, excellent cleaning properties and delicate tool handling.

  • The tools are soaked in a 40kHz ultrasound container.
  • Wash and polish – remove excess particles without damaging the structure and functionality with metal foams at the recommended rotation speed.
  • Washing and sterilization – a pronounced aseptic effect is achieved by ion sterilization of water.

Manufacturer – MegaGen (UK). The cost of the equipment is 2700EUR.


COXO C-Sailor pro Dental implant system

  • Touch LCD and control panel for maximum convenience.
  • The original brushless motor with LED illumination is characterized by high torque and low noise.
  • There is no excess vibration.
  • The multifunction pedal allows you to control the device while operating, which maintains complete sterility of the hands of the doctor.
  • The ability to individually adjust the speed of rotation, the flow of coolant and the direction of rotation.
  • Ability to select saved programs.

Manufacturer – COXO (China). The cost of the equipment is 1400EUR.



The LIKA-surgeon diode laser is an alternative to traditional scalpel and electric surgery.

Thanks to the wavelength of 810 nm, the laser selectively acts on soft tissues.

“Lika-surgeon” gives a thin incision and coagulates with complete hemostasis.

Its beam has a bactericidal effect and does not produce postoperative bleeding and swelling. These features lead to a significant reduction in surgery time and rapid wound healing.

The cost of the equipment is 2900USD.


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